What are the prerequisites for medical school?

Prerequisites for medical schools differ slightly for each medical school. However, most medical schools require that their applicants take the MCAT and complete the following courses:

One year of biology with lab
Two years of chemistry with lab (general and organic)
One year of physics with lab
One year of college level mathematics (calculus or statistics)
One year of English

Note that these are the basic requirements required by most medical schools. Many schools also require or strongly recommend the following courses:

Courses in humanities or social sciences
Courses that will enhance computer skills
One quarter of biochemistry with lab
Foreign Language (highly recommended in states with high foreign language speakers)

School-specific requirements have been compiled by AAMC in a publication called the MSAR, which is available for purchase online. It is the responsibility of each applicant to research the exact requirements of each medical school to which he or she plans to apply.

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