How long do I have to wait to hear back?

The answer to this depends on each school. Most schools have rolling admissions but some schools do not. And the response time post interview is different for each school. Some dates to remember are:

October 15th–The first day that acceptances can be sent out
March 30th-The date when all MD schools are recommended to accept at least the number of students that will be in the upcoming year’s class
May 15th-The date when all applicants must choose one school out of multiple acceptances. This is when most of the waitlist movement begins.

How many extracurricular activities should I enter?
You can enter up to 15 experiences but you only want to include significant experiences. Do not include information just to fill up all 15 spots. Medical schools prefer quality than quantity.

In the Works/Activities section, you may also identify up to 3 most meaningful experiences out of the 15 possible experiences. When you designate an experience as a meaningful, you will be given an additional 1325 characters to explain why. In this section, include how the activity helped you grow, what impact you made, and why it was important to you.

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