Is there a foreign language requirement?

No, but it is recommended at some medical schools. Schools that are located in states where foreign-language speakers are widely prevalent will probably recommend its applicants to learn a foreign language. For example, medical schools in California highly recommend that its applicants have some knowledge of Spanish.

Note that learning a foreign language can only help strengthen one’s application. If time persists, learning a foreign language might be something worth investing in if you want to be a doctor.

What are the most important factors for admissions?
Without a doubt, the two most important factors are GPA (science and overall) and MCAT score. Many medical schools do not even consider applicants whose GPA and MCAT scores fall well below their averages.

Other important factors are letters of recommendations, personal statements, and extracurricular activities.

There are also factors that students have no control over. These factors include race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, and state residency.

Lastly, it is important to note that these factors are most important in determining whether an applicant gets invited to an interview at a medical school. Medical schools only give interviews to applicants who they believe are highly qualified. Once invited to the interview, an applicant’s performance at the interview seems to be the most important factor that affects admissions.

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