There is no set answer to this question. Taking all your prerequisite classes prior to the MCAT is definitely an advantage because then most of the material on the MCAT will be review. Nevertheless, you can learn the material fresh through a MCAT course or by self-studying. It is your preference, but MCAT takers typically take the MCAT after they finish the MCAT prerequisites.

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It is not crucial to have 15 activities. Read more about important AMCAS activities.

15 in AMCAS. Unlimited in AACOMAS and TMDSAS.

Use these criteria to help you decide which experiences were most meaningful. They are not in any particular order:

  1. Were you involved in this activity for a long time?
  2. Did this experience help you grow as a leader?
  3. Did this experience majorly influence your decision to be a physician?
  4. Did this experience have a major impact on your personal growth?
  5. Did this experience change the way you see the world or influence what you are passionate about?

The best way is to write it on another word processing program such as Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into the online application. This way you can keep track of the character/word count.

It depends. You don’t want to write about an extremely personal or emotional topic just for the sake of capturing the reader’s attention. It has to be relevant to why you decided to choose medicine. To learn more about this, reading the following article:

It’s important that others edit your personal statement. Medical school applicants usually underestimate or overestimate how good their personal statement actually is. Also, many applicants aren’t really sure what a good personal statement entails. Nevertheless, it is important that not too many people read your personal statement because there would be too many opinions and not enough time to incorporate all your feedback. With that being said, you should have 2-4 trusted people to read your personal statement. Medical students, doctors, professors, or friends who are excellent writers are excellent editor options.

Read more about medical school personal statement editing services.

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There are 4 major factors that should influence this decision:

  1. Science vs non-science
  2. Level of interest/passion
  3. Difficulty
  4. Future utility

You can read more about these factors in this article: “How to Choose Your Major as a Premed.”

The key to writing a good secondary application essay is by correctly answering the question, being creative, unique, and thoughtful. Too often applicants do not actually answer the question that is asked. If the question is asking you what makes you unique, do not write an essay about your upbringing without specifically what from your upbringing makes you unique! Also, many people write extremely generic responses without really expanding on their responses. For example, if you are trying to answer the “why do you want to come to this school” question, it is not enough to say “because I am really excited about your global health program and unique curriculum”. You have to mention what about their global health program you are excited about. The same goes for if you mention their curriculum. Whenever you answer a question, you must try your best to explain why!

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