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Can I Use AP Credit for Medical School?


Generally no, you may not use AP credit to fulfill requirements for medical school. Even if your undergraduate institution allows it, most medical schools will not accept it. Some medical schools might accept it if it shows up on your college transcript. In this case, you will have to make sure that your undergraduate institution can put it on your transcript.

Whether or not a particular medical school accepts AP credit, we advise that you to not use any AP credits towards medical school requirements. There are many reasons for this but two clearly stand out. First, you want to strengthen your application as much as possible. The fact that you use AP credits can signal to medical schools that you are taking the short way out. Remember that medical school admissions are not run by a computerized program; each application is holistically reviewed and the use of AP credits to waive certain requirements will probably not look favorably.


Secondly, if you use AP credits to waive certain medical school requirements, you will greatly diminish the number of schools you can apply to. Remember, most medical schools will not accept AP credits. Therefore, if you do not take a required class because you want to waive it with AP credits, you cannot apply to most medical schools.

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