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22 Things Medical Students are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s take a moment as medical students to appreciate the little (and big!) things that make us grateful this Thanksgiving.

  1. The white coat
  2. Scrub pants that fit
  3. Good study playlists
  4. Podcasting at 1.7x speed
  5. Pass/Fail grading systems
  6. Not being pre-med anymore
  7. Extra coffee left over after morning class
  8. Free lunch talks
  9. Lecturers with a sense of humor
  10. Lecturers with a passion for teaching
  11. Lecturers with an accent that we can understand
  12. Every single “No Financial Disclosures” joke
  13. The classmate who studied for anatomy and ends up teaching us everything
  14. The resident that grabs us for a cool procedure
  15. Gorgeous dermatology residents
  16. When a patient mistakes us for a physician and calls us “Doc”
  17. Nurses that look out for us in clinic
  18. Celebrating with classmates the evening after a big exam
  19. Acetaminophen, for when that evening gets a little too crazy
  20. Our friends, who keep us sane and endure our nonstop attempts to diagnose them
  21. Our classmates, who understand the struggle and remind us that we are not alone
  22. Our families, who continue to support and love us, even when we come back for Thanksgiving break and spend the whole time studying

Wishing you all a safe and satisfying holiday!

Evan Shih

Evan Shih is a writer for ProspectiveDoctor. He is currently an internal medicine resident at UCLA. He graduated from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and also graduated from UCLA undergrad in 2013 with a B.S. in Physiological Science. He hopes his efforts on PDr can provide the guidance and reassurance that readers seek along the medical journey. When he’s not studying, Evan likes to hike, swim, and spend time with his family in Orange County.

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