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2022 Physician Compensation Report

Physicians Thrive has just announced the 2022 Physician Compensation Report is now available for download.

The report highlights how physicians in different medical specialties and regions across the United States are being compensated for their work, the gender wage gap, the impact of COVID-19 on physician compensation, how much physicians are earning in bonuses and incentives, and which specialties are in the greatest demand. They have compiled data from nearly a dozen different sources from data made available in 2021 to offer you the Free Physicians Thrive 2022 Physician Compensation Report. 

Click here to download the report.

This information is helpful to medical students interested in knowing how their future careers may be impacted by these variables as well as residents, fellows, and attending physicians looking for a broad picture of compensation and hiring trends to help analyze the current healthcare landscape in the United States. Regardless of where they are in their career, compensation data is key for helping doctors earn a fair income.

2022 Physician Compensation Report Highlights

  • On average, female physicians earn 25% less than male physicians in the same specialty
  • Orthopedic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons are the only specialties with an average compensation of over $500k
  • 55% of specialists earned an incentive bonus

Physicians Thrive contract review specialists rely upon the sources used in this report to give every physician they work with an accurate picture of a fair market value for each physician’s specialty, region, and years of experience. Our contract specialists believe that most physicians could be making more money, and having a professional legal and financial review of every employment contract a physician is offered ensures they are maximizing their income.

Physicians Thrive 

Physicians Thrive is a dynamic, full-service financial planning company helping doctors take control of their finances. From student debt repayment plans for new doctors to retirement security planning for seasoned physicians, doctors at all stages of their careers can make the most of their money by collaborating with the experts at Physicians Thrive


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