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How To Crush the USMLE Using E-Learning Resources


The USMLE is a reality for every other person aspiring to practice medicine in the US. It aims to assess the knowledge of medical students and graduates thoroughly. “How to crush the USMLE” has always been a burning question in the field of medicine. It requires hard work, learning and revisions. The need to learn and revise brings us to ...

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7 Deadly Sins of a Third Year Medical Student


Third year of medical school is difficult. You are constantly changing teams, meeting new people and being evaluated. Each rotation, from surgery to pediatrics, requires a different skillset, that you will have to learn on the fly. Nevertheless, there are some core skills that are required to do well in every rotation. Actually, many times the best way to do ...

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How To Study For USMLE Step 1


The reason I am writing this is because I have been in your shoes. I have known the feeling of being told the importance of an exam and having absolutely no idea where to start. Okay, that was a lie, everyone knows to start with First Aid, but it’s only one small but important piece of the puzzle. My journey ...

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3 Criteria For Choosing A Medical Specialty


ProspectiveDoctor asked the question, “What factors are influencing the specialty that you are considering? Why?” Here are 3 criteria for choosing a medical specialty. A lot of medical students, including myself, arrive at medical school without knowing what specialty they will choose. In addition to the inundation of the curriculum, navigating through the myriad of specialties ensures a constant sentiment of ...

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Choosing A Medical Specialty


Choosing a medical specialty can affect the rest of your life. Since there are so many factors involved, many students are conflicted. Rather than being overwhelmed, here are some tips you can use to help you narrow down your selection. Making a decision that will impact every facet of life from the amount of time you get to spend with ...

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Dermatology – Riley McLean MD


This week, Prospective Doctor gets Dr. Riley McLean’s take on her path to medicine and career as a physician in Dermatology. Riley McLean MD is a physician and MedSchoolCoach advisor. She graduated from Boston College in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a minor in History. During her time at Boston College, Riley served as a Teacher’s ...

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Transitioning From Medical School To Residency


Transitioning from medical school to residency can be daunting because that means going from theory to practice. It means more responsibility. Nevertheless, knowing what to expect can help ease the fear and allow you to better prepare. Leaving medical school for residency means transitioning from theory to practice, and it can be terrifying. Up till now, everything you learned was ...

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