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Podcast Episode 39: Working in OB-GYN

Dr. Renee Allen, one of the newest advisors with Med School Coach, is welcomed to the show today. She joins us to talk about her journey through medical school and her current position in OB-GYN. She also provides advice for any students considering the pathway to becoming an OB-GYN hospitalist.

[0:50] About Dr. Allen.

She was born and raised in Canada, so she decided to apply for medical schools in both Canada and the US. She got waitlisted at Canadian schools, but eventually got accepted into the Michigan State College of Human Medicine. Being from out of the country, Dr. Allen had to figure out the funding on her own. She decided to defer her acceptance for a year and work as an epidemiologist to save money. After graduating from Michigan State, she gained entry into the residency at Emory University.

[7:33] Dr. Allen’s history with OB-GYN.

She attributes much of her interest in this field to the medical community still not knowing much about what happens from conception onward. Her current position is a good mix for her, and she does a bit of emergency gynecological surgery. Dr. Allen has been in this position for seven years and loves it because it is focused on high-risk obstetrics.

[13:40] Advice for people thinking about becoming an OB-GYN hospitalist.

You have to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, really focused, and able to make decisions quickly. If that’s you, there are a few options. You can apply for fellowships, but you need to have a good clinical background first. Another route is to just go out and practice in something like academic medicine or private OB for at least five years and then transition.

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