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Podcast 88: COVID-19, Medical School Admissions and the MCAT

Join Dr. Mehta as he explored how COVID-19 may affect the MCAT and medical school admissions for the 2020 cycle. In this podcast episode, we talk about how corona virus is impacting MCAT test dates (and the cancellations that are coming because of it), as well as how medical school admissions committees will view Pass/Fail classes, admissions timelines, virtual interviews and medical ethics questions.

[3:01] Dr. Mehta talks about taking classes P/F as schools move to virtual learning enviroments

[5:15] Dr. Mehta talks about the MCAT test dates that may be canceled

[9:40] How do you tackle medical school admissions ethics interview questions about corona virus

[12:15] How can you handle situations where you can’t get shadowing experience.

We also have a great YouTube video from this podcast at:

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