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Podcast 81: Will I Have to Reapply to Medical School?

Join Dr. Marinelli as she helps answer the daunting question of a medical school reapplication, and what first steps you should take if you are planning on reapplying!

[1:19] Think about if you need to reapply.

If you’ve applied for schools and have heard back from most of them already, all denying you, there’s not a good chance that you’ll get into any of the remaining ones.

[2:54] Be introspective about your desire to be a physician.

Some of you will say that this is absolutely the right path for you, while others will think twice about becoming a physician.

[3:31] Consider if your GPA and MCAT scores are high enough.

The last application cycle had an average MCAT of 511 and an average GPA of 3.7 for matriculants. If you have competitive scores but are only applying to not so competitive schools, that may hold you back as well.

[5:16] Think about your extra curricular activities.

Any area that you don’t have a lot of experience in can hold you back.

[6:10] When did you apply?

If you have heard from schools, haven’t gotten accepted, and submitted your application late, take that as a sign to be more diligent next year.

[7:37] Think about your letters of recommendation.

It’s hard to know if you got a bad letter of recommendation if you didn’t read it, but you’ll have to think really hard about them.

[9:53] Look at your school list.

Did you apply to a good enough volume of schools?

[10:53] Secondary applications.

Did you actually put some effort into these? Did you represent good qualities and show your interest in that particular school? If you have to reapply, start on these early.

[11:38] Interviews.

If you got denied after interviews, think about how you performed. Multiple denials mean you need to improve your interview skills.

[12:06] Consider having somebody with experience look at your application.

It’s often hard to self-critique certain aspects of your application, but another person can do this objectively.

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