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Podcast 66: Dr. Joel Ramirez and Dan Part 2

Back again with Dr. Renee Marinelli are Dr. Joel Ramirez, Director of USMLE Tutoring with MedSchoolCoach, and Dan from @FutureMDLife on Instagram. They’re here to reveal their best tips on studying for USMLE Step 1.

[1:28] Lessons learned during the first years of medical school.

Once you get to medical school, Dr. Ramirez says the most important point is that you can transition properly. If you’re going to all your classes, engaging, and learning material, you’re already preparing for Step 1. Dan agrees that adjusting is very important.

[4:28] Advice for second year.

Sort through all the resources available to you and figure out which ones you want to use. Be ready to fully dive into them by taking free trials and seeing how they are organized. You won’t be engaged deeply if you use too many different materials. Making a study plan at this time is also a good idea.

[9:02] Advice for when you’re grinding through the studying.

A mistake Dan made was not taking breaks. He felt like he had to get things done, so he didn’t give himself time to breathe. Dan recommends breaking it up by having something to look forward to every few days. Doing things you enjoy such as exercising or spending time with friends will make you happier and function better.

[15:10] Waiting for the score.

Distract yourself with other things so you are not focused on waiting for your result. Dan knows lots of people who took a brief vacation right after the test. Just like when studying, it’s important to keep doing things you enjoy.

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