MCAT Basics Podcast


In this episode, we explore the topic of intelligence, which is primarily featured in the psychology and sociology section of the MCAT.

We cover several key theories, including entity vs. incremental theory, general intelligence theory, two-factor theory, multiple intelligences theory, Triarchic theory, CHC theory, and biological theories. Additionally, we examine the nature vs. nurture debate on hereditary intelligence factors and discuss how intelligence is measured.

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Jump Into the Conversation:

[00:00] Intro to Intelligence

[02:47] Entity vs. Incremental Theory

[06:36] G Factor Theory

[10:26] Multiple Intelligences Theory

[12:18] Triarchic Theory

[14:39] CHC Theory

[18:58] Theories of Intelligence

[21:01] Hereditary factors of intelligence 

[28:33] How intelligence is measured

[32:06] Why intelligence tests can be problematic


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