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Guests Posts

At ProspectiveDoctor, we strive to provide quality resources and content to pre-med and medical students. If you have an article that fits with our website’s mission, we encourage you to submit a guest post. You will have the chance to influence students who will become the future leaders of medicine. All articles accepted will be published on the home page of ProspectiveDoctor for a limited time; your work will also be listed under one of our article categories. In addition, your article will be posted on our social media.

Interested writers are advised to view our published articles to gain a sense of what is desired and appropriate. Pre-med seniors in college, medical students, residents, doctors, counselors, and those with pre-med advising experience are all encouraged to submit an article. Guest posting on ProspectiveDoctor can also give greater exposure to your blog, website, service, or product as you will be allowed a link to your website in the attribution. The body of the article submission may not advertise a product, company, or brand.

You will retain ownership of your articles but we will not publish any works that are not unique. By submitting an article, you agree that your work has not been posted on any other website and that you will not post it on any other website. We reserve the right to change or modify any part(s) of the article submission. We will inform the writer of any changes we wish to make. Writers can withdraw their submission if they do not agree with our modifications.

Each article should be anywhere from 300-1500 words and should be free of grammatical errors. We reserve the right to reject a submission for any reason. There is no compensation given if your submission is accepted. You will simply have the opportunity to impact future physicians.

If you are interested in guest posting an article, please email your submission to our Director of Operations, Edward Chang, at edwardchang@prospectivedoctor.com.

Thank you for your desire to improve health education. We will respond to your submission within 48 hours.

Thank You,