What Should I Expect on Test Day?


Make sure you are early to your exam. You do not want to cause yourself additional stress by being late.


Here is the MCAT exam overview for 2013 according to AAMC:


Section                                  # of Questions                     Time Allotted

Tutorial (optional)                                                                10 minutes

Examinee Agreement                                                         10 minutes

Physical Sciences                           52                               70 minutes

Break (optional)                                                                   10 minutes

Verbal Reasoning                           40                               60 minutes

Break (optional)                                                                   10 minutes

Biological Sciences                        52                               70 minutes

Void Question                                                                      5 minutes

Break (optional)                                                                   10 minutes

Trial section (optional)                   32                               45 minutes

Satisfaction Survey (optional)       12                               10 minutes


Total Content time                                                               4 hours and 5 minutes

Total “Seated” time                                                 Approx. 5 hours and 10 minutes                      


In 2013, there will be no writing section. It has been replaced with a voluntary trial section. No one will know how well you did on this section besides you. It will not affect your score at all.


All this information can be found on AAMC.

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