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What is Early Decision?


Many medical schools participate in the early decision program. Each applicant can only apply to one medical school through the early decision program. If you are applying to a school through this program, the deadline is much earlier than if you were to apply normally. You are also told of your admissions decision very early, usually by October 1st. If you are accepted into the medical school, you must attend that medical school.


Why should a student apply through an early decision program?


If you are accepted, then you do not have to worry about applying to other medical schools. You will be stress free because you would know what medical school you will attend next year. If you do not get accepted, you will apply normally like everyone else. Applying early can never hurt you, it can only help you.


The only word of caution is that you must make sure that the school that you apply through early decision is a school that you want to attend. Remember, if you get accepted, you must attend that school.

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