USMLE Step 1 is Going Pass/Fail: Everything you Need to Know

Join our panel of experts as they answer some questions about how to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 know that is going pass/fail. Questions addressed include:

  • What are the three policy changes to the USMLE Step 1, and how does this impact how students need to prepare and perform?
  • What if someone gets a low passing score in Step 1 before 2022? Would they be evaluated equally with person who took a Pass/Fail Step 1 format?
  • What USMLE score do students need on Step 2 to be competitive?
  • How will this change impact IMGs?

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Presented by:

[avatar user=”MedSchoolCoach” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Dr. Sahil Mehta, MD
Founder of MedSchoolCoach[/avatar] Dr. Mehta is the founder of MedSchoolCoach and has guided thousands of successful medical school applicants. He is also a practicing physician in Boston where he specializes in vascular and interventional radiology.

[avatar user=”David Flick” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Dr. David Flick, MD
Associate Director of Advising[/avatar] Dr. Flick was an admissions committee member at UC Irvine School of Medicine. He is board-certified in family medicine and also works as a flight surgeon for the U.S. Army.

[avatar user=”DustynWilliams” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Dr. Dustyn Williams, DO
Lead Educator – OnlineMedEd[/avatar] Dustyn is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. He did his undergrad at Yale, toured the streets of New Haven as a paramedic, then went to Tulane for medical school.

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