Medical School Webinars

Mastering the Transition Into Medical School

Feeling overwhelmed by the transition to medical school? Unsure about how to conquer pre-clinical courses? We’re here to help! Join us for an enriching webinar, featuring Dr. Jeanie Gribben, the Associate Director of Medical School Tutoring, and Master Tutor, Dr. Cory Pettit. This interactive session will provide insights to ease your transition and strategies to excel in your courses, such as:

  • Insights into the differences between undergraduate study and medical school, and strategies to adapt quickly.
  • Techniques to manage time efficiently and balance multiple responsibilities in medical school.
  • How to leverage various resources for successful learning in pre-clinical courses.
  • Best practices for self-care and stress management, which are key for success and resilience in medical school.

Presented by:

Jeanie Gribben MD
Associate Director of Medical School Tutoring
Dr. Gribben is a graduate of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and a Merrill Presidential Scholar from Cornell University. She offers tutoring for Steps 1 and 2 and med school coursework, as well as advising support for medical students. She’s dedicated to personalized teaching strategies for student success.

Cory Pettit MD
Master Tutor
Dr. Cory Pettit boasts a stellar academic journey from BYU to The Ohio State University College of Medicine. With impressive USMLE scores (260 on Step 1 and 270 on Step 2 CK) and 2 years of dedicated tutoring at MedSchoolCoach, he’s a trusted guide for aspiring medics.


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