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How Should I Prepare for an Interview?


1. Have a long list of potential interview questions typed out and answers to each of them.


Here are some example questions:


PDr’s must know medical school interview questions

Harvard Med Girl’s practice interview questions 


2. Videotape yourself doing a full interview

Pretend like it’s the real thing and do it. You’ll find some interview habits that you may want to change.


3. Do mock interviews and receive feedback

Ask friends, parents, professors, mentors, career counselors, etc. If they are unfamiliar with the process, give them a list of potential questions they can ask.


4. Read about various topics but especially medical

Being well read will help you think on your feet and relate to your interviewer on different levels. Subscribe to the New England Journal of Medicine, read the New York Times, and/or read various books of different subjects. The more you know, the more you can talk about. Keep up with local news and be comfortable with your knowledge base. This will help you be confident which is very crucial.


5. Relax and be humble

You do not want to be really nervous for an interview. The interview is important, but it is not the end of the world. Do your best to prepare properly and the rest is out of your hands. Also, during your interview day, be humble. Arrogance or cockiness will turn off your interviewer. Be teachable and willing to both talk and listen.


Here is a more detailed way to prepare for a medical school interview.

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