What is a letter of intent? How do I write a letter of intent?

If you want to inform a certain medical school that they are your top choice, you must write (now usually through email) them a letter of intent. The letter of intent is important because medical schools want to accept applicants that will actually attend their school. If they know that they are your top choice, they are more likely to accept you.

This letter should communicate why you want to attend that school and why you would be a good fit. It should be formal, specific, and direct. This letter cannot be generic. You can write letters of intent to multiple schools if necessary If you have any advocates such as a premed advisor, professor, mentor, research PI, or physician who is willing to call the school or send a letter to the admissions office, that is helpful as well. If you want step by step instructions, please read the following article “How Do I Write a Letter of Intent?

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Example Letter of Intent

Do you have an example letter of intent?
Yes we do. Here is an example of a letter of intent.

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How Do I Write a Letter of Intent?

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