Demystifying the USMLE

Created especially for medical school students, join Dr. Joel Ramirez, the Director of Medical School Tutoring at MedSchoolCoach, as he peels away the layers of the USMLE exam and shows you how to maximize your score. You’ll get all your questions answered, including:

  • My exam date has been put on hold because of COVID-19, what should I do?
  • How long should I study for my exam, and what resources should I use?
  • How often should I be taking practice exams, and how predictive are they anyhow?
  • If I am not within my goal score range on practice tests, should I delay my exam?

Presented by:

Dr. Joel Ramirez, MD
Director of Medical School Tutoring
Dr. Ramirez attended University of California, San Francisco where he is a vascular surgery resident. He received a 266 on Step 1 and 265 on Step 2 CK. He oversees the team of elite USMLE and COMLEX tutors.

Dr. Meg Lee, MD
MedSchoolCoach USMLE Tutor
Meg has 10+ years of teaching experience and takes pride in seamlessly translating the big ideas into high-yield details and helping others attain their professional goals; she also served on the University of Missouri SOM’s Admissions Committee for two years.

Emmy Yang
MedSchoolCoach USMLE Tutor
Emmy scored 250+ on Step 1 and 2CK and is passionate about helping students excel in their test preparation.

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