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ProspectiveDoctor provides the best quality content and resources to our users and members. Our mission to help pre-health students is our driving motivation. In order to continue to provide free resources, it is crucial for ProspectiveDoctor to advertise on our website. We thank all individuals and companies who allow us to service our future healthcare leaders.

ProspectiveDoctor has two advertising systems in place. First, we are enrolled in Google’s AdSense program. Using this program, Google acts as a “middleman.” Google finds relevant ads and allows us to advertise them. Individuals and companies can advertise this way using Google AdWords.

You can learn more about Google’s AdSense here.

You can learn more about Google’s AdWords here.

The second and more efficient method is to advertise with us directly. Using this method, advertisers can choose when and where they would like their ads to be placed. We charge using an advertising structure called Cost Per Impression, or simply CPI. To find more information on the benefits of advertising with us and/or for rates to advertise with us, please ask for our ProspectiveDoctor MediaKit by emailing us at the address below.

For advertising-related inquiries, please contact us at


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