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Acing Your Medical School Interviews

Interview tips and tricks

By: Toral Vaidya

Congratulations on getting this far in the application process! Even though it has been a few years since I’ve formally interviewed for a spot in school, I vividly remember the painstaking process. Fear no more. Once you’ve submitted the secondary applications, the next part’s the fun part (for me at least): interviews!

Setting up for interviews:

  • First of all, don’t stress if your classmates are getting interviews before you! It’s unfortunately a waiting game but pro-tip: the earlier you apply, the better your chances of interviewing early
  • Set up an alert on your phone so you know exactly when programs send out interviews. Setting up a separate email account just for medical school interviews could help (so you don’t get flooded with all your email notifications as well)
  • If there’s a place you really have your heart set on, let them know. Have your personal statement tie to that program/city in some particular way to help you stand out.

Once you have your interviews scheduled:

  • Plan, plan, plan! Travel itinerary, boarding passes, hotel info, etc. You can reach out the medical school to see if students can host you for free (I’ve done it for multiple students at my medical school, and it was a good experience for both of us!)
  • Tailor your suit, pick your shoes, shop for some cute tops and cute coats! (fashion plug- sorry!)
  • Bring a portable charger for your phone
  • Research the school and find specific reasons why you want to go there- if there’s a specific research project, certain clinic, etc.- make it personal to YOU.
  • Prepare for questions you know you’ll be asked. For example: tell me why you want to go into medicine, tell me a particularly memorable patient you’ve seen, etc. (sample questions in next blog post!)
  • Review your CV a thousand times! (just kidding, maybe a hundred though). All those student groups, volunteer projects, or hobbies you’ve listed on your CV are fair game. Make sure you have specific details and a story to go along with each one of them. More importantly, find ways that these experiences tie back to how they made you a better student, team player, and future doctor. At the end of the day, those are things that can really make you stand out to an interviewer.

On the actual day, relax and have fun. This is a chance for you to showcase yourself to the medical school. Feel confident that you have prepared and will rock the interview!

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