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How Small Consistent Changes Create BIG Results with Ian Gibbs

Ian Gibbs, author of 23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better, provides a few simple study tips.

In this episode, we have Ian Gibbs, speaker on academic learning and author of multiple books including 23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better. Ian was able to 4x his learning speed when he learned how to implement a few simple study methods. Today, we will learn how to “learn stuff better” and become more productive in our academic and clinical lives.


5:15 How Learning About Learning Techniques Can Lead to 4x Faster Learning

9:10 The Benefits of Learning Out Loud & Peer Mentorship for Rehearsal Practice

13:56 How to Implement Better Learning Strategies as Medical & Healthcare Students

20:23 The Challenges With Pre-made and Self-made Flashcards

29:47 Why Making Mistakes and Mindset are So Powerful For Learning

Chase DiMarco

Chase DiMarco is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.D-candidate. He is the founder of MedEd University, a free medical education resource, the host of the Medical Mnemonist & Rounds to Residency podcasts creator of several medical education platforms, and CEO of FindARotation clinical rotations service.

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