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5 Parts Of A Competitive Medical School Application

Some say “The hardest part about medical school is getting in.” Applying to medical school is an intimidating process. This article breaks down the 5 things that will make you a standout candidate with a competitive medical school application at any school. It was March 2012 when I began to outline my AMCAS personal statement. After dozens of essays, thousands of dollars, and months of ...

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What Should I Do This Summer as a Pre-Med?

“What should I do this summer as a pre-med?” This is a common question that high school and college students ask. If you are pre-med or thinking about going to medical school, use your summer wisely to strengthen your application. Here are a few activities that you can explore to make your summer fruitful and beneficial for your future career ...

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5 Ways Premeds Should Choose Extracurricular Activities

It’s no secret that it takes more than a high GPA and MCAT to get into medical school. Medical school admissions committees carefully examine each prospective student’s application to see what kinds of extracurricular activities he or she was involved in. Why? Because these activities and applicant’s personal statement are really the only ways admissions committees can get to know ...

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5 Things High School Students Should Know About Medical School

|It’s never too early to start preparing to become a doctor. Nevertheless, preparing does not mean worrying. Here are 5 things high school students should know about medical school to calm their anxiety while being better equipped. 1. Be prepared to study differently in college In high school, you are assigned homework and tested frequently. In college, homework is not ...

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How To Stand Out With Extracurricular Activities

Your GPA reflects your academic diligence and your MCAT demonstrates your performance on standardized testing. While those are the 1-2 punch that you lead with, “5 Parts of a Competitive Medical School Application” highlighted the importance of extracurricular activities. Your extracurriculars can set you apart from the other applicants the way numbers and scores cannot. Involvement in extracurricular activities rounds ...

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Tips from a Medical School Admissions Officer

Magnifying Glass

A student admissions officer from a prominent NE medical school helps elucidate the admissions process at his school. Process Overview At this particular school, members of the medical school admissions committee screen applications and assign a score, which conveys the level of desire to extend the candidate an interview. A second committee member then sees the score and reads over the ...

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How To Write About Extracurriculars

As a new application cycle starts this spring, applicants around the nation are beginning to fill out the Work/Activities sections. This article provides some insight into how to best talk about volunteering experiences in both the local and global community. In my most recent article I discussed the importance of extracurricular activities in the medical school application. However, the value ...

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Non-Traditional Student Personal Statement Example

Pills in Hand

Because many medical school applicants today are non-traditional students, we wanted to provide a successful non-traditional student personal statement example. Twenty-five years ago, I was delivered by C-section at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Despite my breech presentation I was expected to be in perfect health. Yet much to everyone’s shock, I arrived with my left knee hyper-extended by more than ...

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