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Pros and Cons of Caribbean Medical Schools

It is difficult to gain admissions to a U.S. medical school. In 2012, only 19,517 out of 45,266 applicants were accepted to a single medical school. That means 57% of applicants were not accepted to any medical schools, even though may have applied to more than 20. As a result, less competitive applicants are turning to Caribbean medical schools to ...

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Separating the Best Medical School Personal Statements from the Typical Ones

The Medical School Admissions Dilemma You’ve probably read the statistic that almost 60% of medical school applicants do not matriculate into medical school in any given year. As if you didn’t have enough anxiety about the whole process… The worst part? It’s not the hard work–things worth doing are often hard. The worst part is knowing that there is a ...

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5 Parts Of A Competitive Medical School Application

Some say “The hardest part about medical school is getting in.” Applying to medical school is an intimidating process. This article breaks down the 5 things that will make you a standout candidate with a competitive medical school application at any school. It was March 2012 when I began to outline my AMCAS personal statement. After dozens of essays, thousands of dollars, and months of ...

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Medical School Application Metrics

Off Target

Right now you are maybe starting to draft or redraft your personal statement, asking for letters of recommendation (or at least thinking about whom to ask), and coming up with your activities list. You have a lot to do, which makes it easy to defer making your school list. We recommend that you take some time to objectively look at ...

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Why Grades Matter in the Medical School Application

I’ve touched on this in a past article, but I feel that it’s a subject that deserves more consideration. To start, the road to medicine is often associated with some emotional passion for becoming a doctor. This is an important feeling to understand, cultivate and seek to explain in your medical school application, however, you must carefully consider what role your ...

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Diversity in Medical Secondary Applications

Descend no further because this is the bottom line: if you are a premed applying to medical school, you will be required to take part in the timeless discussion of diversity and healthcare. It’s advantageous to acknowledge this as you find yourself diligently completing countless secondary application prompts discussing diversity and inclusion. Of the 27 secondary applications I submitted, 19 ...

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5 Ways Premeds Should Choose Extracurricular Activities

It’s no secret that it takes more than a high GPA and MCAT to get into medical school. Medical school admissions committees carefully examine each prospective student’s application to see what kinds of extracurricular activities he or she was involved in. Why? Because these activities and applicant’s personal statement are really the only ways admissions committees can get to know ...

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Top 10 Out-of-State Friendly Public Medical Schools

Are you wondering which public schools are friendly to out of state students? Here are the most out-of-state friendly public medical schools in the US. 1. University of Vermont College of Medicine Roughly 90% of the students they interview are not from Vermont. Its tuition for in-state students is $30,940 and for out-of-state students is $54,160 2. West Virginia University ...

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Apply Once, Apply Right – 5 Tips for the Medical School Application Cycle

If you only want to apply once, apply right! Keep these 5 helpful tips for the medical school application cycle in mind as you put together your AMCAS this spring. 1. Apply Early This cannot be emphasized enough – it will save you many unnecessary sleepless nights and moments of anxiety if you are able to submit your applications earlier in ...

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