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How To Study For USMLE Step 1

The reason I am writing this is because I have been in your shoes. I have known the feeling of being told the importance of an exam and having absolutely no idea where to start. Okay, that was a lie, everyone knows to start with First Aid, but it’s only one small but important piece of the puzzle. My journey ...

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5 Things I Wish I Knew First Year of Medical School

As a first year medical student, I was wide-eyed and somewhat clueless. I did not know what to really expect, but I felt as ready as I would ever be. Looking back, there are definitely some things I would tell/warn past-self. Everyone’s first year medical school experience is obviously different, but here are 5 things I wish I knew first ...

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Why Get An MBA During Medical School?

By Shane Burke I am more than half way through a combined MD/MBA program.  Because I frequently get emails from prospective students asking me about our program, I thought I would share some general advice for students considering a combined MD/MBA program in a more public form.  Here are the three most important points to consider before applying to combined ...

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Breaking Bad News

During a medical school interview, particularly in a multiple-mini-interview (MMI) format, you might be asked how you would go about breaking bad news to a patient. While this task might seem unfair to ask of a candidate medical student, it is no less daunting for me – now a second-year student, and in fact, for practicing physicians. This week, NPR ...

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Reflections on the First Year of Medical School

It’s almost been a full (calendar) year since medical school began. I’m officially a second-year medical student — and this year’s been a momentous one. As I look back on it, here’s some of my reflections on the first year of medical school. Fire hose: Med school really is like a firehose you’re supposed to drink from. It’s high pressure, it’s ...

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Truth and Compassion in Medicine


You are standing naked in front of an auditorium of people wondering how you got there – you jolt awake, sweating, breathing hard – so relieved. But what if you did not wake up. What if you found yourself in front of 100 medical students, belly exposed, while your oncologist pointed out the damage that cancer had wreaked on your ...

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