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15 Facts You Should Know About MD-PhD Programs

Ever wondered what MD-PhD programs are all about? Do you know what MSTPs are? Here are 15 facts you should know about MD-PhD programs: 1. There are over 100 MD-PhD programs affiliated with medical schools 2. 44 MD-PhD programs are partially supported by training grants from the National Institute of General Medical Science. These programs are known as Medical Scientist ...

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Medical Schools With the Most MD-PhD Spots

There are over 100 MD-PhD programs affiliated with medical schools. If you are interested in applying for MD/PhD programs (https://www.aamc.org/students/research/mdphd/), it is in your best interest to apply to schools that accept and support many MD/PhD students. With that being said, here is a list of medical schools with the most MD-PhD spots. You’ll notice that many of these schools ...

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Is MD/PhD Worth it?

If you are a pre-med, you might have heard that it is possible to obtain both an MD and a PhD. But is it worth it? Is it right for you? Let’s explore some of the main differences and see if we can find the answer.

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