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7 Deadly Sins of a Third Year Medical Student

Third year of medical school is difficult. You are constantly changing teams, meeting new people and being evaluated. Each rotation, from surgery to pediatrics, requires a different skillset, that you will have to learn on the fly. Nevertheless, there are some core skills that are required to do well in every rotation. Actually, many times the best way to do ...

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Perspective on Gap Years from a Third Year Medical Student

Whether you are planning to apply straight to medical school or to take a gap year, Emily offers a perspective on how time off has helped her through third year clinical rotations. The third year of medical school is profoundly different than the first and second years. There is an invisible wall separating the preclinical from the clinical years with a ...

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How a Premed Can Impact Medicine

By Evan Laveman When you’re a premed student you don’t know enough to contribute medically, yet there are plenty of things you can do to make a contribution to medicine. For instance, I hear many doctors say that they see undergraduate medical mission trips as an activity that benefits the traveler more than it actually benefits the region. With so many ...

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Breaking Bad News

During a medical school interview, particularly in a multiple-mini-interview (MMI) format, you might be asked how you would go about breaking bad news to a patient. While this task might seem unfair to ask of a candidate medical student, it is no less daunting for me – now a second-year student, and in fact, for practicing physicians. This week, NPR ...

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Top 5 Tips for Excelling During 3rd Year of Medical School

As much as I would like to be able to tell you that the only advice you need to ace your core clerkships is my advice, truthfully, the third year of medical school is probably one of the least standardized experiences across the nation.  While this is not necessarily a bad thing, this standardization definitely means that you can’t take ...

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Truth and Compassion in Medicine


You are standing naked in front of an auditorium of people wondering how you got there – you jolt awake, sweating, breathing hard – so relieved. But what if you did not wake up. What if you found yourself in front of 100 medical students, belly exposed, while your oncologist pointed out the damage that cancer had wreaked on your ...

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