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5 Parts Of A Competitive Medical School Application


Some say “The hardest part about medical school is getting in.” Applying to medical school is an intimidating process. This article breaks down the 5 things that will make you a standout candidate with a competitive medical school application at any school. It was March 2012 when I began to outline my AMCAS personal statement. After dozens of essays, thousands of dollars, and months of ...

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A Humbling Lesson Learned From Medical School


I am the dumbest person in the room. As a matter of fact, in the last 12 months, I am the dumbest person in most rooms I enter. And I love it. Chances are that if you have recently been admitted to medical school, or are considering applying to medical school, you have been blessed with intellectual prowess. Your grades ...

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5 Tips for Medical School Interview Day

Interview Tips

Five tips and tricks for the medical school interview day that will make you a more comfortable and confident applicant. Stay with a student host Many medical schools offer a student host program that pairs you up with a current student to stay with the night before. Medical students at each school are the most valuable resources – financially and ...

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What To Wear To Med School Interviews: Men

Interview Men

When approaching the medical school interview, it is important to convey a conservative and well-groomed image. Interview attire is a large part of the impressions you make on those you meet on the interview day. ||Read: “What to Wear to Medical School Interviews: Women”|| A male applicant has less flexibility in choosing his interview attire than his female counterpart. It is ...

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What To Wear To Med School Interviews: Women

Women Interviews

They say you never truly get a second chance at a first impression, and the typical medical school interview, being 30-45 minutes long, is no different. A large part of making a good first impression is dressing professionally for the interview. While you won’t be winning admissions officers over with just your outfit, it is important that you are well put ...

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Apply Once, Apply Right – 5 Tips for the Medical School Application Cycle

Formula for a Personal Statement

If you only want to apply once, apply right! Keep these 5 helpful tips for the medical school application cycle in mind as you put together your AMCAS this spring. 1. Apply Early This cannot be emphasized enough – it will save you many unnecessary sleepless nights and moments of anxiety if you are able to submit your applications earlier in ...

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Three Secondary Essays To Pre-Write

Secondary Essay to Pre-Write

After submitting the primary AMCAS application, every applicant should get a head start on some of the secondary application essays. PDr presents the triad of secondary essays to pre-write for medical school: diversity, adversity, and university. Medical school applicants everywhere have filled out their classes and grades, completed the final version of their personal statement, and let out that sigh of ...

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Write About Your Hobbies On The Medical School Application


A medical school’s atmosphere, its charm, is defined by the energy and passion that the students embody. Students are encouraged to maintain their wellbeing and cultivate a diverse community, and many schools promote cultural celebrations, athletic competitions, talent shows, art showings, and philanthropic fundraisers. While your GPA and MCAT score will meet the basic criteria for each school, it will ...

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